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Autumn in New York Gabriel Yared

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Gabriel Yared - Autumn in New York
OST | 2000 | 192kbps | 80mb

Richard Gere is the aging romantic in love with the youthful Winona Ryder, except that while Gere is approaching the "autumn" of his life, Ryder's already there, suffering from a terminal disease. The heady situation has its grim moments, but the bittersweet mix of despair and euphoria is what much great art has always wrestled with. Here, it is presented sentimentally. The title track, arguably best performed by Lady Day, Billie Holiday, herself no stranger to life's troubles, is given a suitably smoky run-through by Yvonne Washington. Jennifer Page contributes "Beautiful," a lush pop ballad. But most of the soundtrack is handed over to the very capable Gabriel Yared, an Oscar Winner for his soundtrack to The English Patient. The Lebanese-born Yared draws on his own 25-plus years of scoring films to brilliantly build the drama to cathartic heights without sacrificing the quiet moments that match this romance with the season's explosion of color.

1. Beautiful - Jennifer Paige
2. Getting Some Fun Out Of Life - Madeleine Peyroux
3. Autumn In New York - Yvonne Washington
4. Our Love Never Ends - Sydney Forest
5. Charlotte And Will
6. Autumn Forever
7. Elegy For Charlotte - Miriam Stockley
8. Autumn In New York-Opening Titles
9. First Kiss
10. Memories - Miriam Stockley
11. A Rude Awakening
12. Walking Through The Park
13. Lunch
14. Thinking About Lisa
15. Butterflies
16. Break-up
17. Thinking It Over
18. Apart
19. Can You Let Me Love You?
20. Searching For A Doctor

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