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Tarzan [the Broadway Musical] by Phill Colins

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Tarzan - the Broadway Musical
2006 | 192kbps | 80mb > RapidShare

Release Date: June 27, 2006 | Label: Disney | ASIN: B000FMQPNY

With its rich film catalog, Disney has a natural advantage when it comes to expanding into musical theater. But 1999's Tarzan wasn't the very best choice for a stage adaptation. Unlike, say, Beauty and the Beast, whose score was written by show-tune vets, Tarzan was associated with a musical-theater newbie, Phil Collins, who expanded his original score for the show, writing nine new numbers in addition to the five from the movie. But while he does come up with agreeable pop melodies (as, for instance, the hit "You'll Be in My Heart" and the new "Waiting for This Moment" and "For the First Time"), his greenness shows in the lyrics, which tend to spell things out way too much ("In learning you will teach/And in teaching you will learn," etc.) This CD certainly is kid-friendly, but unlike the best Disney material, it lacks that extra layer that would entice adults as well.
Elisabeth Vincentelli

1. Two World - Voice of Tarzan, Ensemble
2. You'll Be In My Heart - Kala, Ensemble
3. Who Better Than Me - Terk, Young Tarzan
4. No Other Way - Kerchak
5. I Need To Know - Young Tarzan
6. Son of Man - Terk, Ensemble, Tarzan
7. Sure As Sun Turns To Moon - Kala, Kerchak
8. Waiting For This Moment - Jane, Ensemble
9. Different - Tarzan
10. Trashin' The Camp - Terk, Ensemble
11. Like No Man I've Ever Seen - Jane, Porter
12. Strangers Like Me - Tarzan, Jane, Ensemble
13. For The First Time - Jane, Tarzan
14. Who Better Than Me (Reprise) - Terk
15. Everything That I Am - Voice of Young Tarzan, Tarzan, Kala, Ensemble
16. You'll Be In My Heart (Reprise) - Tarzan, Kala
17. Sure As Sun Turns To Moon (Reprise) - Kala
18. Two Worlds (Finale) - Jane, Tarzan, Ensemble
19. Everything That I Am - Phil Collins (Bonus Track)


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