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reTracked #2: your opinions ...express your opinion

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#1 aradzish


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Отправлено 27 янв 2009, 00:02

We have released.
reTracked #2 musicdisk is online.

You are welcome to leave your opinion here. We would like to know what do you think about the release.
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#2 Vedem


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Отправлено 27 янв 2009, 07:36

Здорово! Блестяще! Особенно "Ice Frontier" и "Ramparts" (эту вообще в последний раз слышал еще на Спектруме, сыгранную бипером). Молодцы!

#3 MyOwn31


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Отправлено 27 янв 2009, 08:45

oh yeah, ReTracked #2! happy.gif
now, it's simplified, it's improved, it's better!
interface is simple and nice. pouёt comments state that it can be launched even on weak machines.
loved that it switches some parts gray while playing originals. =)
by the way - Pouёt prod: http://pouet.net/prod.php?which=52465

1) "Ice Frontier" remix by Slightly Magic (original - Skaven) - 10/10 !!!
GREAT!!! awesome introduction to the disk!
from Skaven's synth technique - to Slightly Magic's rock! i love the middle part and electro guitar sound. awe.
both original and remake are good. each one is a precious gem.
i longed for Slightly Magic's tunes a lot, and this is the best surprise hidden in this disk!

2) "Liberty" remix by 32167 (original - the Zapper) - 7/10
the whole melody is great - i think i must listen to some more Zapper's tunes. unusual guitar sound in the remake. the remix itself is just a refined original with a few modern additions. as for me, i'd prefer the original module - but the remix is well done however.

3) "Highspeed - track whatever" remix by Lyzzard (original - Purple Motion) - 8/10
It's damn hard to compete with Purple Motion. but i think that Lyzzard made it well. PM's tune in his performance has gained more deepness and ear candy. liked these "quack" sounds in the beginning. happy.gif

4) "Revelation" remix by Overhead (original - Necros) - 5/10
Nice try. =) But i think that this remix is a bit clumsy. the electro guitar playing the solo in middle part didn't made the Necros' grade.

5) "Underwater world part 2" remix by Slightly Magic (original - Slightly Magic) - 9/10
oh my god!!! goose bumps... a beloved tune of mine, refined by the author of that tune! new effects, new power, new sound - with old beloved melody, it's even more better! the only weakness of the remake is that it sounds a bit empty right after the beginning ang until the guitar part; also, these bells start to be quite annoying in the enging. awe.

6) "Planete football" remix by Manwe (original - Franck Amoros) - 10/10 !!!
Manwe remixing an old and a bit romantic scenetune. This is enough. Gee, i remember his "Little Forest Spider" while listening to this remix. smile.gif maybe that's because of piano parts? slight vocal parts are nice!

7) "One fine day..." remix by Alex_Job (original - Elwood) - 10/10 !!!
According to Elwood's comments, this tune may sound sad, but it is also victorious. The remix perfectly shows it - rain parts, guitar that suits hymn mood... Great remix of an unusual Elwood's tune.

8) "Oracle" remix by SaMPLeMaSTeR (original - Siren and Bryan Rudge) - 10/10 !!!
The original is a classic Siren tune, slow and guitar-ish - i like tunes of a such kind. The remix is... Modern. biggrin.gif dance! Nicely redone, unusual instrument for the solo (something between saxophone and synth), nice atmosphere - 10 for the imagination!
but i still like the original. happy.gif

9) "After Hours" remix by A.w.e.r.s. (original - Elwood) - 4/10
Dance track based on Elwood's tune. I think it would sound great by his own. but after comparing it with the original...
well, maybe i just love disco too much. =) nice, A.w.e.r.s.! it's just Elwood who's too good and oldskool-ish for me.

10) "Stereo Waves" remix by Janis Push (original - Noisy Man) - 9/10
Oh, awesome quality! The beginning is not that good, i think, but the "silent part"... wondrous. starting from that moment, this remix becomes The Remix. guitars are perfect. only that noisy sound messes with everything else.

11) "Aphrodisiae" remix by Lyzzard (original - Muffler) - 9/10
Trance. Remix is great! I imagine this one on a fast-paced Unreal Tournament map. It's just me who prefers calm music.

12) "Monday" remix by Esion (original - Random Voice) - 10/10 !!!
Hail to the Nectarine! the original tune was the perennial favourite on that scenemusic radio, and it continues to be like that on scenemusic.eu. Esion was linked with Nectarine for a long time. So i think this remix may be related with Necta...
haha, awesome start! after that...
perfectly done chipremix. =) having only the basement, Esion built a wondrous technocastle on it.

13) "Hybrid song" remix by AceMan (original - Quazar) - 10/10 !!!
first: AceMan, thanks for "A Shrubbery!" happy.gif
now, the comment.
heeeeavily redone. it's not quite comparable with the original, it's just something with similar tones, but with different sound.
oh... oh... oh. -.- great remix.

14) "Ramparts" remix by Dre@mer (original - Scorpion) - 10/10 !!!
First, thanks for the old tune. =)
now, the remix.
OMG medieval!!!
indeed... fully rebuilt remix that sounds like a holy hymn.
at least in the beginning....))) after that, the remix goes very good, too. a bit dance-adopted, maybe, but a bit of medieval spirit is still there.
remixer pwns.

15) "Lavender hill" remix by Manwe (original - Skaven) - 10/10 !!!
This Skaven's tune is a bit creepy. too bad it sounds too chippish.
Manwe's remix is... is...


After all...
You guys rule!
Awesome session, awesome surprise!
Starting from the heavy rock and Purple Motion, coming to the wondrous medieval music, it leaves perfect impression.
HUGE THANK YOU-S go to Slightly Magic, Manwe & Esion! guys, you rule! More tunes, please!!
Yay to Janis Push, AceMan, Lyzzard, Dre@mer and SaMPLeMaSTeR - you have made great remakes, guys! THANK YOU! could you show us some more of your creations?)
32167, Overhead, A.w.e.r.s. - nicely done guys. =) The more you practice, the better you do.

Thank you very much, reTracked team and WebSound.ru!
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#4 Esion


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Отправлено 27 янв 2009, 10:37

Hi all !

Very nice work ! Thanx to all the Retracked Team !

Spécial thanx @ Aradzish and MyOwn31 for his comment : It's guys as you which motivates us to make music !

#5 Seymour

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Отправлено 13 июн 2010, 02:24

Послушал оба сборника - теперь положительного настроения хватит на весь день! =)
Большое спасибо, парни! Вы - Лучшие!!!
Да, и не забываем про модульные исходники - они тоже качают!!! wink.gif

In English:
Have listened both releases - now full of positive mood for the whole all day! =)
Great thanks, fellas!!! You're the Best!
Yep, don't forget the mod origins - they rock too!!! wink.gif

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