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3 Advanced Technology Is Guaranteed to Change the Human Ways to Use Smartphones

Smartphone is one of the most widely used technology products in the world. More practical, more stylish, and a number of advanced features and technologies installed on smartphones are the main reasons why so many people choose this type of gadget.

If talking about smartphone technology, of course we probably already familiar with nagapoker technology such as fingerprint, waterproof, and so forth. Although already quite sophisticated, a lot of users are still wondering if only there is a more sophisticated technology to be paired on smartphone devices. Here are some advanced technologies that dream of many people.

1. Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality Technology allows us users, get a full range of information about the objects we see directly. For example, as when looking at the old building, we will get information about the name and history of the building. Obviously if a technology like masterdomino is finally applied to the smartphone, we can feel a more exciting experience when traveling with our smartphone, while pointing the smartphone camera to various objects to get information that we did not expect.

2. More Perfect Biometric Technology

Actually, this biometric technology itself has been applied to several smartphones like Apple and Samsung in the form of fingerprint. However, unfortunately dewapoker fingerprint technology is often a problem and can be broken. Surely this makes many users expect biometric technology in the form of a more perfect fingerprint again and also the retina scanner.

3. Smartphones as thin as paper

Smartphones as thin as paper? Yes, this is one of the dreams that is still being endeavored by the smartphone manufacturing. What exactly do users expect from smartphones as thin as paper? Of course, because smartphones as thin as paper will allow rajapoker users keep their smartphone in a narrow place though, and also reduce the burden of the smartphone itself when gripped.